About Us

Find out what makes us tick!

Based in Co. Limerick, WholesaleDirectory.ie is a trading name of Innosoft Limited. We are a team with experience in importing, distribution, online retail, website development and wholesaling! Built on the foundations of trying to get the Irish economy moving again by promoting entrepreneurship, we aim to help as many Irish residents grow and develop their own businesses by connecting them with suppliers and assisting with website development and any business advice that we can offer. We are firm believes that the best road to recovery for Ireland is through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our wholesale directory has been created on the back of months of pain stacking internet searches, finding and contacting Irish wholesalers and distributors to let them know about our service. As our membership base grows, we will offer more services and hope to ultimately become the premium wholesale marketplace in Ireland.

We encourage Irish people to challenge themselves to finding their own niche and hope that our service can help people to connect with suppliers and either help a business expand, or a new business begin.